Property investment has long been considered an attractive route to generating consistent long-term returns with less volatility than other asset classes, especially during times of economic instability or high inflation. However, high costs, time commitments, and regulatory complexities have made it difficult for many potential landlords to invest in property. Even for those who do invest, scaling and diversifying a property portfolio can be slow and challenging, particularly with the risk of rising interest rates wiping out leveraged property yields.

At Cahootz, we believe that by bringing investors together through fractional ownership we can open up the property market to more people, maximize benefits, remove barriers to entry, and minimise the challenges traditionally associated with buy-to-let investing.

Fractional ownership

Cahootz offers fractions in high-quality London rental properties to investors, with each fraction representing a genuine 0.2% ownership in a specific property. Fraction prices start at around £2,750 (a minimum first-time investment of at least £5,000 is required). With each property 100% owned by investors, interest rate risk is not a factor, and the costs associated with the purchase and ongoing management of the property are shared.

Portfolio Management

Investors can use the Cahootz platform to browse properties and manage their portfolio. The platform makes investing easy and provides a simple and intuitive way for investors to track upcoming rental income payments and manage their properties online. Cahootz offers a hassle-free approach to buy-to-let by taking care of all purchase and ongoing property management requirements on behalf of investors. A full breakdown of all management activity (including fees and expenses) is also provided to every investor for complete transparency and peace of mind.


Investing in property should always be considered a long-term investment, and whilst investors are of course free to sell their fractions privately at any time, we recommend a minimum hold period of three years. At this point (and once every three years thereafter), investors will have the opportunity to re-list their fractions on the Cahootz platform at the current market rate (based on a third-party valuation) should they wish to do so. This allows investors to take a long-term view while having the flexibility to sell privately at any time or exit via the Cahootz platform on a rolling three-year basis if their circumstances change.

Getting Started

Investors need to complete a short suitability questionnaire when signing up and undergo KYC/AML checks prior to investing. These checks are required according to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations and ensure the suitability and authenticity of all investors on the Cahootz platform.

In Summary

Cahootz is revolutionising the UK buy-to-let market by making investing in property simple, transparent, and accessible. The platform offers more people than ever a route to property investment without the time, complexity, and high costs traditionally associated with buy-to-let. With Cahootz, investors can build and diversify their fractional property portfolio further and faster than ever before, generating passive income and long-term capital appreciation.

Ready to start your fractional property investment journey? Get in Cahootz.