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Launching 2023. Get early access
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Easy fractional property investing

Buy property shares, benefit from passive income and market growth – let us take care of the rest.

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How it works

Invest in property as easily as stocks and shares

1. Buy

Browse our featured listings and buy real ownership shares in your chosen properties from as little as £1000.

2. Hold

Monitor your property portfolio via the Cahootz app, receive property updates and view new investment opportunities.

3. Relax

Receive passive monthly income, whilst we take care of legal, tenant and property management on your behalf.

Fractional ownership

The democratisation of buy-to-let

Unlike traditional property investment, fractional ownership divides a property into shares, which represent a percentage ownership of the property, rental income and capital appreciation of the asset. This significantly reduces the up-front cost of property investment, whilst providing the security of legal ownership, the flexibility to diversify across multiple properties, and the freedom to quickly sell shares on the secondary market.

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Cahootz product investment app mockups
Cahootz product investment app mockups
Forget about REITs

The choice is yours

We believe investors should have the freedom to choose the exact property they want to own, unlike property investment funds or REITs. With Cahootz, investors can either join one of our existing property cohorts, or suggest any other available property and let us build the investment, manage the purchase, and distribute ownership shares on their behalf.

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Specific property
Real ownership
Exit property
Single property which you select
You own percentage of the property
You decide when to sell your share
100% of capital appreciation plus rental income
Pooled – multiple properties within fund
Shares in a fund
Out of your hands
Performance of fund
Why Cahootz?

Hassle-free property investment


No large deposits. Invest with less up front and diversify your property portfolio further and faster.


Security of real legal ownership in each individual property that you choose to invest in.


Debt-free property ownership, giving security and protection against rate rises for complete peace of mind.


All legal, financial and property management requirements taken care of for hassle-free investing.


Manage your portfolio, track rental income and receive property updates directly through our app.


Invest in a property, or suggest a new one and we’ll build the cohort and facilitate the purchase.

About us

Leading the buy-to-let revolution

Cahootz has been established by a leadership team with extensive experience in City financial, technological and user-focused product industries as well as a shared personal and professional interests in real estate investment. To find out more about us, please email us via email using the link below.

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