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How it works

Hassle-free fractional property investment

Our fractional property ownership model provides all of the benefits of traditional buy-to-let, but without the hassle of ongoing legal, financial and property management requirements.

3D render of Cahootz platform user interface components 
3D render of Cahootz platform user interface components
Investment model

An investment model built around you

1. Fractions listed

Working with established UK developers we source rental properties, divide them into fractions (shares) and list them exclusively on the Cahootz platform.

2. Sale completed

When all fractions are allocated, we complete the purchase of the property through an SPV and distribute fractions (company shares) to investors.

3. Rent distributed

The investor receives regular rental income payments relative to the number of fractions they hold, alongside transparent property management reports.

4. Exit

We will value the property every three years at which time you will have the option to offer your fractions for sale at the current market rate.

A fraction is one ordinary share in an SPV (Limited Company) that owns 100% of a specific property.

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Getting started

Investing in property has never been easier


Sign up

This includes a questionnaire to confirm that this is an appropriate investment for you and anti money-laundering checks.


Browse and invest

Explore our active property listings including detailed market and financial information. When you are ready, choose your number of fractions and invest.


Monitor and earn

Access your fractional property information, notifications and activity statements across your portfolio from within the Cahootz app.


Hold or exit

Hold your investment for the long-term, sell privately at any time, or offer your fractions to the Cahootz investor community at the current market value once every three years.

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You invest, we do the rest

Traditional property investment can be notoriously complex and time consuming, which is why at Cahootz we take care of all legal, financial and property management requirements on your behalf. A full breakdown of all activity, fees and expenses associated with your properties will be accessible via your online account for complete peace of mind and a truly hassle-free property investment experience.

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Structuring fee
Purchase Price
3% Purchase Price
3% of the property purchase price as a one-off structuring fee.
Monitoring fee
Gross Rent*
3% Gross Rent
3% of gross rental income each month as a monitoring fee.
*Not charged during vacancy periods

A simple, transparent fee structure

At Cahootz we believe in complete transparency, both in terms of the information we provide to investors and the fees we charge for our services. We do not charge any performance related or selling fees and any capital appreciation earned is 100% retained by the investor.

Structuring fee includes:
Monitoring fee includes:

Stay in control

Property should always be considered a long-term investment, and at Cahootz we recommend you hold your fractions for at least three years. However, we also understand you may need the flexibility to sell your fractions sooner than planned. Whilst you can sell your fractions privately at any time, we also provide the ability to offer your fractions at the current market value to the wider Cahootz investor community every three years.

Learn more in our FAQS
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Questions? we’ve got answers...

What is fractional investing in property?
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Fractional investing is the process of investing in shares in a limited company which holds the legal title to a specific property. This shareholding entitles the owner to a proportional economic interest in the company such as rental income and any capital appreciation. Holding shares does not entitle the owner to live in the property or use the property for personal use.

What is Cahootz?
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Cahootz is an online platform that allows investors to purchase fractional ownership in UK residential properties, making property investment more accessible and affordable. Eligible investors buy fractions in individual properties, earn income from rent, and any capital appreciation that may occur over the period in which they hold the fractions. Cahootz takes care of all the operating responsibilities.

How much does it cost to invest through Cahootz?
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The minimum initial amount you can invest is £5,000. Once you have invested this minimum initial amount, you are then free to purchase single fractions across properties.

How does the Cahootz platform work?
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Once you are registered on the platform, and passed the investment appropriateness test, you will be able to invest in fractions of residential buy to let property.  These fractions entitle you to receive the proportional amount of rental income and capital value derived from the specific property in question. Through your account dashboard you will see all the relevant information regarding the property including the running costs, maintenance, and tenancy performance. Cahootz looks after all of this and provides you with a clear view of exactly what is going on with your property at any given time.

What is a fraction?
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A fraction is one ordinary share in an SPV (Limited Company) that owns 100% of a specific property.

What is my exit process?
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Whilst you can sell your fractions privately at any time, we also offer the ability to re-list your fractions via Cahootz every three years.

At that point, the property will have been independently valued and you will have the option to re-list your fractions for sale should you so wish to exit.  If you decide to list the fractions, the following order of events will take place:

  1. The fractions will be offered at the valuation price to existing holders of the property that want to remain invested.
  2. If there are fractions left over following this stage, they will be offered to anyone who has already registered interest in owning fractions in the property via Cahootz over the preceding three years.
  3. If there are still fractions remaining, they will be offered to the wider Cahootz community.
  4. If at that stage, there are still fractions remaining, they will be once again offered to the existing holders and they can make offers for the fractions.
  5. If following step 4 there are still fractions available, then a vote will be put to the full group of owners.  If 50% or more of investors decide, then the whole property will be put up for sale as one unit and all fraction holders will receive the proceeds according to their ownership.
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