Invest in the future of farming

Own British Farmland and support pioneering carbon negative and regenerative farming for a brighter future.
Investment examples
12-month value
12-month change in value of UK agricultural land*
50-year value
50-year change in value of UK agricultural land*
Available farms
Only 5 arable farms over 1,000 acres available to buy in 2023**
Institutional investors
33% of publicly marketed farmland bought by institutions in 2022***
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A finite asset
Diversify your portfolio with a tangible asset generating long-term returns.
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Support UK farming
Support a family run British farm producing
low cost healthy food for the UK market.
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Carbon negative
Contribute to tackling climate change and supporting biodiversity though innovation.

Farmer and Founder of Gentle Farming

How it works

Invest in UK farmland through
fractional ownership

Land is an established investment class that has historically provided long-term returns over generations. Cahootz are now offering investors a hassle-free way to own British farmland through fractional ownership. With Cahootz investors buy fractions that represent a genuine share of ownership of a specific plot of farmland, which provides the holder with a relative share of rental yield and any long-term capital appreciation earned.

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Farm equipment
Tony and Thomas Gent
About the farm

Support a multi-generational fully regenerative farm in Lincolnshire

Gentle Farming have been farming in South Lincolnshire for four generations and were one of the first to transition fully to regenerative farming system 16 years ago. The farm is experienced in producing carbon negative, regeneratively farmed produce at a lower cost than any other farming system and are still innovating.

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800 hectares with 750 in food production
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25% lower cost of production than conventional farming
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2 tonnes of carbon sequestered per hectare per year

Invest in land and be a part of the future of sustainable farming for generations

Gentle Farming want more people to be involved in food production through regenerative means in the UK. Through buying fractions, not only are you investing long-term in UK land, you are becoming an active part of the regenerative farming process. Investors will receive regular updates from the farmers and the ability to visit their land, providing a unique insight into the farming process, carbon sequestration and the biodiversity that they ware helping to protect.

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British Farmland
Meet the farmers
Portrait image of Thomas Gent
Thomas Gent
Third Generation
Farmer and Founder of the award-winning Gentle Farming brand. Heavily involved in the UK and European soil carbon market.
Portrait image of Edward Gent
Edward Gent
Second Generation
Experienced farmer with a history of implementing regenerative practices profitably for more than fifteen years.
Portrait image of Tony Gent
Tony Gent
First Generation
Farmer and inventor of a world leading minimum disturbance seeding system used across Europe, America and Australia.
Frequently asked questions
What is regenerative agriculture?
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Regenerative agriculture in the UK is an ecologically mindful farming approach that prioritises soil health, biodiversity, and sustainability. Farmers employ practices like cover cropping, minimal tillage, and rotational grazing to enhance soil structure, reduce erosion, and promote biodiversity. By prioritizing natural processes and minimizing reliance on synthetic inputs, Gentle Farming aims to create resilient ecosystems, improve water management, and foster long-term farm viability. This approach seeks to mitigate environmental impact, adapt to climate change, and contribute to a more sustainable and ecologically balanced agricultural system in the UK.

What practices does Gentle Farming employ?
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Gentle Farming has been using regenerative principles for 16 years. They focus on low soil disturbance, reducing inputs, maintaining soil cover and diversifying the farming business.

What is the money I invest used for?
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The proceeds of the sale of farmland to investors will be used by Gentle Farming to acquire more fields for fractional ownership, and roll out regenerative farming across larger areas of British Farmland. The aim is to maximise the positive environmental impact of regenerative farming as widely as possible throughout the UK.

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